Mun Sing HO

Kennedy School of Government, Room B402
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Fellow Kennedy School of Government, Program on Technology and Economic Policy.

Also Visiting Scholar at Resources for the Future.
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My Vita

In collaboration with Dale Jorgenson, Peter Wilcoxen and others at the Program on Technology and Economic Policy, we have constructed a numerical model of the US economy -- IGEM, Intertermporal General Equilibrium Model. This has been used to analyse environmental, trade and tax policies.

For a listing of our papers please go to the Program on Technology and Economic Policy homepage and click on "Recent Papers". The data for this model may be found on Jorgenson's homepage.

Papers on Growth, Productivity, Trade and Environment in the U.S.

Papers on Growth and Environmental Policy in the China

Papers on time series econometrics with Bent Sorensen and  William. Perraudin.
Topics in international finance with Richard Barnett

Further on finance and growth (pdf), with Saqib Jafarey
Labor Migration with Doris Geide-Stevenson

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