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E-Rulemaking Links

Government Links

Regulations.Gov (The Federal Government's one-stop website for locating and commenting on on all proposed rules issued in the Federal Register)

Reginfo.Gov (The Federal Regulatory Information Service Center's website with extensive links for information about federal, state, and local regulation)

E-Gov Webpage on E-Rulemaking (Official Website of the President's E-Government Initiatives)

First.Gov (The Federal Government's official web portal)

FedForms.Gov (A single place to find many forms issued by federal agencies)

National Archives and Records Administration, Federal e-Rulemaking Websites

U.S. Department of Transportation, Docket Management System

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, EDOCKET

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Construction Industry Compliance Assistance

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, National Dialogue on Public Involvement in EPA Decisions

National Science Foundation, Digital Government Program

Other Links

Information Rennaisance, Public Participation in Rulemaking

ABA Administrative Procedure Database, "Notable Uses of the Internet in Federal Agency Decisionmaking"

Cary Coglianese, Harvard University, "Policy and Management Issues Associated with E-Rulemaking" (January 8, 2004)

Jamie Callan, Eduard Hovy, Stuart Shulman, & Stephen Zavestoski, "Information Access and Presentation to Support the Writing of Regulations" (2003)

Stuart Shulman, eRulemaking, Digital Government Research, and the State of the Discipline (2003)

Jamie Callan, Carnegie-Mellon University, E-Rulemaking Website

Robert Carlitz & Rosemary Gunn, Information Rennaisance, On-Line Rulemaking: A Step Toward E-Governance (2003)

Carnegie Mellon University, Center for the Study and Improvement of Regulation, Fast Environmental Regulatory Evaluation Tool (FERET)

Carnegie Mellon University, E-Rulemaking Project

Kincho Law, Stanford University, Regnet Project Website

OMB Watch, Current E-Rulemaking Systems (June 19, 2002) (nongovernmental organization)

Stuart Shulman, University of Pittsburgh, eRulemaking Website

Michael White, Director of Legal Affairs and Policy, Office of the Federal Register, NARA, New Federal Register Resources (2003)

Thom Wysong, Techno Democracy Project, eRulemaking Technology: Issues to Consider (March 4, 2003)

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