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The Diffusion of Regulatory Oversight
Jonathan B. Wiener|RPP-2013-03

Toward Best Practices: Assessing the Effects of Regulation on Employment
Lisa A. Robinson|RPP-2013-02

Reinforcing Regulatory Regimes: How States, Civil Society, and Codes of Conduct Promote Adherence to Global Labor Standards
Michael W. Toffel, Jodi L. Short, and Melissa Ouellet|RPP-2013-01


Impersonal Default Rules vs. Active Choices vs. Personalized Default Rules: A Triptych
Cass R. Sunstein|RPP-2012-17

Merger Efficiencies and Competition Policy
F. M. Scherer|RPP-2012-16

How Firms Respond to Mandatory Information Disclosure
Anil R. Doshi, Glen W. S. Dowell, and Michael W. Toffel|RPP-2012-15

North American Oil and Gas Reserves: Prospects and Policy
Jonathan Bailey and Henry Lee|RPP-2012-14

Positive v. Normative Justifications for Benefit-Cost Analysis
James K. Hammitt|RPP-2012-13

Why Has Regional Convergence in the U.S. Stopped?
Peter Ganong and Daniel Shoag|RPP-2012-12

The SO2 Allowance Trading System: The Ironic History of a Grand Policy Experiment
Richard Schmalensee and Robert N. Stavins|RPP-2012-11

The Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Act: A Model for Nanomaterials Regulation?
Jennifer Nash|RPP-2012-10

Intra-Industry Trade, Environmental Policies, and Innnovations: The Porter-Hypothesis Revisited
Gerhard Clemenz|RPP-2012-09

Post-Durban Climate Policy Architecture Based on Linkage of Cap-and-Trade Systems
Matthew Ranson and Robert N. Stavins|RPP-2012-08

Financial Mergers and Their Consequences
F. M. Scherer|RPP-2012-07

The Role of Organizational Scope and Governance in Strengthening Private Monitoring
Lamar Pierce and Michael W. Toffel|RPP-2012-06

Competition and Illicit Quality
Victor Manuel Bennett, Lamar Pierce, Jason A. Snyder, and Michael W. Toffel|RPP-2012-05

Unilateral Emission Tax and Intra-Industry Trade: An Ideal Variety Approach
Gerhard Clemenz|RPP-2012-04

Explaining Non-Take-up of Water Subsidy
Momi Dahan and Udi Nisan|RPP-2012-03

Gasoline Taxes and Consumer Behavior
Shanjun Li, Joshua Linn, and Erich Muehlegger|RPP-2012-02

The SO2 Allowance Trading System and the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990:
Reflections on Twenty Years of Policy Innovation

Gabriel Chan, Robert Stavins, Robert Stowe, and Richard Sweeney|RPP-2012-01


Addressing Catastrophic Risks: Disparate Anatomies Require Tailored Therapies
W. Kip Viscusi and Richard Zeckhauser |RPP-2011-11

R&D Costs and Productivity in Biopharmaceuticals
F. M. Scherer|RPP-2011-10

Mergers and Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry
William S. Comanor and F. M. Scherer|RPP-2011-09

The Competitiveness Impacts of Climate Change Mitigation Policies
Joseph E. Aldy and William A. Pizer|RPP-2011-08

The Economics of Housing Finance Reform
David Scharfstein and Adi Sunderam|RPP-2011-07

The Promise and Problems of Pricing Carbon: Theory and Experience
Joseph E. Aldy and Robert N. Stavins|RPP-2011-06

Using the Market to Address Climate Change: Insights from Theory and Experience
Joseph E. Aldy and Robert N. Stavins|RPP-2011-05

Real-Time Economic Analysis and Policy Development During the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
Joseph E. Aldy|RPP-2011-04

Deterring and Compensating Oil Spill Catastrophes: The Need for Strict and Two-Tier Liability
W. Kip Viscusi and Richard J. Zeckhauser|RPP-2011-03

Can Leading Indicators Assess Country Vulnerability? Evidence from the 2008-09 Global Financial Crisis
Jeffrey Frankel and George Saravelos| RPP-2011-02

The Value of Terroir: Hedonic Estimation of Vineyard Sale Prices
Robin Cross, Andrew J. Plantinga, and Robert N. Stavins| RPP-2011-01


The Problem of the Commons: Still Unsettled After 100 Years
Robert N. Stavins| RPP-2010-05

Three Key Elements of Post-2012 International Climate Policy Architecture
Sheila M. Olmstead and Robert N. Stavins| RPP-2010-04

Interactions Between State and Federal Climate Change Policies
Lawrence H. Goulder and Robert N. Stavins| RPP-2010-03

The Effect of Allowance Allocations on Cap-and-Trade System Performance
Robert Hahn and Robert Stavins| RPP-2010-02

Rail Transportation of Toxic Inhalation Hazards: Policy Responses to the Safety and Security Externality
Lewis M. Branscomb, Mark Fagan, Philip Auerswald, Ryan N. Ellis, and Raphael Barcham| RPP-2010-01


The political economy of liberalization of fixed line telecommunications in Turkey
Izak Atiyas and Pinar Dogan | RPP-2009-01


Evaluating the Social Effects of Environmental Leadership Programs
Jonathan C. Borck, Cary Coglianese and Jennifer Nash | RPP-2008-08

Government Clubs: Theory & Evidence from VEPs
Cary Coglianese and Jennifer Nash | RPP-2008-07

Linkage of Tradable Permit Systems in International Climate Policy Architecture
Judson Jaffe and Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2008-06

Comparing Price and Non-Price Approaches to Urban Water Conservation
Sheila M. Olmstead and Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2008-05

Corporate Social Responsibility through an Economic Lens
Forest L. Reinhardt, Robert N. Stavins, and Richard H. K. Vietor | RPP-2008-04

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative: Emission Leakage and the Effectiveness of Interstate Border Adjustments
Ian Sue Wing and Marek Kolodziej | RPP-2008-03

Crossing the Line: The Effect of Cross Border Cigarette Sales on State Excise Tax Revenues
Lesley Chious and Erich Muehlegger | RPP-2008-02

Giving Green to Get Green? Incentives and Consumer Adoption of Hybrid Vehicle Technology
Kelly Sims Gallagher and Erich Muehlegger | RPP-2008-01


Addressing Climate Change with a Comprehensive U.S. Cap-and-Trade System
Robert N. Stavins| RPP-2007-07

Massachusetts v. EPA: From Politics to Expertise
Jody Freeman and Adrian Vermeule| RPP-2007-06

Introducing Competition into Natural Monopoly Industries: An Evaluation of Mandated Access to Australian Freight Railroads
Mark Fagan| RPP-2007-05

A U.S. Cap-and-Trade System to Address Global Climate Change
Robert N. Stavins| RPP-2007-04

Over-Allocation or Abatement? A Preliminary Analysis of the EU ETS Based on the 2005-06 Emissions Data
A. Denny Ellerman and Barbara K. Buchner| RPP-2007-03

Measuring Illegal Activity and the Effects of Regulatory Innovation: A Study of Diesel Fuel Tax Evasion
Justin Marion and Erich Muehlegger | RPP-2007-02

Too Good to Be True? An Examination of Three Economic Assessments of California Climate Change Policy
Robert N. Stavins, Judson Jaffe, and Todd Schatzki | RPP-2007-01

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Understanding the Patchwork Quilt of Electricity Restructuring in the United States
Mark L. Fagan | RPP-2006-04

Business Ethics: The Law of Rules
Michael L. Michael | RPP-2006-03

Measuring and Explaining Electricity Price Changes in Restructured States
Mark L. Fagan | RPP-2006-02

Signaling Social Responsibility: On the Law and Economics of Market Incentives for Corporate Environmental Performance
Jason Scott Johnston | RPP-2006-01

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Measuring and Explaining Electricity Price Changes in Restructured States
Mark L. Fagan | RPP-2005-06

Do Consumers React to the Shape of Supply? Water Demand Under Heterogeneous Price Structures
Sheila M. Olmstead, W. Michael Hanemann, and Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2005-05

The Effects of Vintage-Differentiated Environmental Regulation
Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2005-04

Management-Based Strategies for Improving the Private Sector's Environmental Performance
Cary Coglianese and Jennifer Nash | RPP-2005-03

The Remedy for the "Bottleneck Monopoly" in Telecom: Isolate It, Share It, or Ignore It?
Robert W. Crandall | RPP-2005-02

Land-Use Change and Carbon Sinks: Econometric Estimation of the Carbon Sequestration Supply Function
Ruben N. Lubowski, Andrew J. Plantinga, and Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2005-01

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Environmental Economics
Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2004-13

Recommendations for the Design of the Federal Docket Management System
Cary Coglianese, Stuart Shapiro, and Steven J. Balla | RPP-2004-12

Group Judgments: Statistical Means, Deliberation, and Information Markets
Cass R. Sunstein | RPP-2004-11

Debiasing Through Law
Christine Jolls and Cass R. Sunstein | RPP-2004-10

Environmental Law and Policy
Robert N. Stavins and Richard L. Revesz | RPP-2004-09

Which Types of Analyst Firms Make More Optimistic Forecasts?
Paul Healy, Amanda Cowen and Boris Groysberg | RPP-2004-08

Seeking Truth for Power: Informational Strategy and Regulatory Policy Making
Cary Coglianese, Richard Zeckhauser and Edward Parson | RPP-2004-07

Can an Effective Global Climate Treaty be based on Sound Science, Rational Economics, and Pragmatic Politics?
Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2004-06

Sacrificing Corporate Profits in the Public Interest
Einer Elhauge | RPP-2004-05

Mandated Disclosure and Stock Returns: Evidence from the Over-the-Counter Market
Allen Ferrell | RPP-2004-04

Introduction to the Political Economy of Environmental Regulation
Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2004-03

E-Rulemaking: Information Technology and the Regulatory Process
Cary Coglianese | RPP-2004-02

Lives, Life-Years, and Willingness to Pay
Cass R. Sunstein | RPP-2004-01

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Are Management-Based Regulations Effective?: Evidence from State Pollution Prevention Programs
Lori D. Snyder | RPP-2003-21

American Exceptionalism, Exemptionalism and Global Governance
John Gerard Ruggie | RPP-2003-20

Principles for Cigarette Taxation in Africa
W. Kip Viscusi | RPP-2003-19

Accounting for Social Security and Its Reform
Howell E. Jackson | RPP-2003-18

Transmission Market Design
William W. Hogan | RPP-2003-17

Shareholder Access to the Ballot
Lucian Arye Bebchuk | RPP-2003-16

Shifting Sands: The Limits of Science in Setting Risk Standards
Cary Coglianese and Gary E. Marchant | RPP-2003-15

Defining Better Monopolization Standards
Einer Elhauge | RPP-2003-14

International Trade Meets Domestic Regulation: Negotiating the U.S.-EU Mutual Recognition Agreements
Charan Devereaux, Robert Lawrence and Michael Watkins | RPP-2003-13

Information Technology and Regulatory Policy: New Directions for Digital Government Research
Cary Coglianese | RPP-2003-12

The Role of Hazardousness and Regulatory Practice in the Accidental Release of Chemicals and U.S. Facilities
Michael R. Elliott, Paul Kleindorfer and Robert A. Lowe | RPP-2003-11

Building Sector-Based Consensus: A Review of the EPA's Common Sense Initiative
Cary Coglianese and Laurie K. Allen | RPP-2003-10

Environmental Protection and Economic Well-Being: How Does (and How Should) Government Balance These Two Important Values?
Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2003-09

Management-Based Regulation: Prescribing Private Management to Achieve Public Goals
Cary Coglianese and David Lazer | RPP-2003-08

Market-Based Environmental Policies: What Can We Learn From U.S. Experience (and Related Research)?
Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2003-07

Is Dynamic Competition Greater in Technology-Intensive Industries?
Gerry McNamara and Paul M. Vaaler | RPP-2003-06

The Internet and Public Participation in Rulemaking
Cary Coglianese | RPP-2003-05

Thirteen Plus One: A Comparison of Global Climate Policy Alternatives
Joseph E. Aldy, Scott Barrett, and Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2003-04

Private Options to Use Public Goods: Exploiting Revealed Preferences to Estimate Environmental Benefits
Lori D. Snyder, Robert N. Stavins, and Alexander F. Wagner | RPP-2003-03

The Effects of Environmental Regulation on Technology Diffusion: The Case of Chlorine Manufacturing
Nolan Miller, Lori Snyder, and Robert Stavins | RPP-2003-02

The Laws of Libertarian Paternalism
Cass R. Sunstein and Richard H. Thaler | RPP-2003-01

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Are Campaign Contributions Investment in the Political Marketplace or Individual Consumption? Or "Why Is There So Little Money in Politics?"
Stephen Ansolabehere, John M. de Figueiredo, and James M. Snyder, Jr. | RPP-2002-12

Improving Environmental Safety Through Third Party Inspection
Howard C. Kunreuther, Patrick J. McNulty, and Yong Kang | RPP-2002-11

Empirical Analysis and Administrative Law
Cary Coglianese | RPP-2002-10

Is Satisfaction Success? Evaluating Public Participation in Regulatory Policymaking
Cary Coglianese | RPP-2002-9

Increasing Participation and Compliance in International Climate Change Agreements
Scott Barrett and Robert Stavins | RPP-2002-8

The Credibility of Expert Advice for Regulatory Decision-making in the US and EU
Ariane König and Sheila Jasanoff | RPP-2002-7

Probability Neglect: Emotions, Worst Cases, and Law
Cass R. Sunstein | RPP-2002-6

California’s Electricity Crisis
Paul Joskow | RPP-2002-5

The Future of Electronic Rulemaking: A Research Agenda
Jeffrey S. Lubbers | RPP-2002-4

An Early Scorecard – Comparing Electronic Signatures Legislation in the US and European Union
Josh Bell, Ruben Gomez, Paul Hodge, and Viktor Mayer-Schoenberger | RPP-2002-3

Interpreting Sustainability in Economic Terms: Dynamic Efficiency Plus Intergenerational Equity
Robert N. Stavins, Alexander F. Wagner, and Gernot Wagner | RPP-2002-2

Using Net Benefit Accounts To Discipline Agencies: A Thought Experiment
Eric A. Posner | RPP-2002-1

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Technological Change and the Environment
Adam B. Jaffe, Richard G. Newell, and Robert N. Stavins | RPP-2001-13

Antitrust Intent
Ronald Cass and Keith Hylton | RPP-2001-12

Experience with Market-Based Environmental Policy Instruments
Robert Stavins | RPP-2001-11

National Environmental Policy During the Clinton Years
Sheila Cavanagh, Robert  Hahn, and Robert  Stavins | RPP-2001-10

Management-Based Regulatory Strategies
Cary Coglianese and David Lazer | RPP-2001-09

Assessing the Advocacy of Negotiated Rulemaking: A Response to Philip Harter
Cary Coglianese | RPP-2001-08

The Convergence of Rules and Standards
Frederick Schauer | RPP-2001-07

Global Private Governance for Voluntary Standards Setting: National Organizational Legacies and International Institutional Biases
Walter Mattli | RPP-2001-06

Measurement that Matters: Cleaning up the Charles River
Shelley H. Metzenbaum | RPP-2001-05

Information as Risk Regulation: Lessons from Experience
Mary Graham | RPP-2001-04

Regulatory Review: Presidential Control through Selective Communication and Institutionalized Conflict
David Lazer | RPP-2001-03

Is Consensus an Appropriate Basis for Regulatory Policy?
Cary Coglianese | RPP-2001-02

Bolstering Private Environmental Management
Cary Coglianese and Jennifer Nash | RPP-2001-01

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