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Mobilizing the Private Sector for Public Education

Adequacy Lawsuits

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Adequacy Lawsuits conference papers
Panel I. The Origins of Adequacy Litigation
PEPG 05-24 The Inadequacy of Adequacy Guarantees: A Historical Perspective
Joseph P. Viteritti
Hunter College, City University of New York
PEPG 05-25 When Did Education Become a Civil Right? The 20th Century's Modifications to State Constitutional Provisions for Public Education
John C. Eastman
Chapman University School of Law
Panel II. The Legal Theory of Adequacy: A Current Overview
PEPG 05-26 Educational Adequacy as Legal Theory: Implications from Equal Educational Opportunity Doctrine
Michael Heise
Cornell Law School
Panel III. The Politics of Adequacy Litigation
PEPG 05-27 Accountability, Adequacy, and the Impact of No Child Left Behind
Andrew Rudalevige
Dickinson College
Panel IV. Defining Adequacy
PEPG 05-28 The Alchemy of "Costing Out" an Adequate Education
Eric Hanushek
Hoover Institution — Stanford University
Panel V. The Politics of Adequacy Implementation
PEPG 05-29 Stimulant or Salve? The Politics of Adequacy Implementation
Frederick M. Hess
American Enterprise Institute
PEPG 05-30 The Politics of Not Implementing an Adequacy Judgment: The Case of New York
Joe Williams
New York Daily News
Panel VI. Responding to Adequacy Judgments
PEPG 05-31 School Finance Judgments and Spending on Education: A Review of the Evidence
Christopher Berry
Harris School of Public Policy, University of Chicago
Panel VII. The Adequacy of Teacher Pay
PEPG 05-32 Is Teacher Pay 'Adequate'?
Michael Podgursky
University of Missouri - Columbia
Panel VIII. The Relationship between Adequacy and Equity
PEPG 05-33 The Relationship between Adequacy and Equity
Richard Briffault
Columbia University School of Law
PEPG 05-34 Massachusetts' Hancock Case and the Adequacy Doctrine
Robert Costrell
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Panel IX. The Role of the Courts: Opportunities and Limitations
PEPG 05-35 Who Should Govern? Adequacy Litigation and the Separation of Powers
Martha Derthick — University of Virginia
Josh Dunn — University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
PEPG 05-36 The Judiciary and the Uncertain Future of Adequacy Remedies: A Look to the Past
Kenneth Starr
Pepperdine University School of Law
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