HKS Research Administration Office (RAO) Proposal Submission Guidelines

In response to the move toward electronic submission of all federal proposals, OSP is implementing new deadlines for internal processing of all sponsored proposals. These new deadlines were developed to ensure successful submission of proposals, which are taking longer to review and submit due to the complexities of the federal electronic system, Grants.Gov. Although the new OSP deadline requirement is driven by a change in federal proposal submissions, non-federal submissions will be affected as well. Effective January 1, 2007, for submissions to a federal sponsor, OSP must receive the complete and final proposal, including the complete and signed Dean's Approval Form, at least 5 full working days in advance of the sponsor's due date. For all submissions to a non-federal sponsor, the same material must be submitted to OSP at least 3 full working days in advance of the sponsor's due date.

In order to ensure adequate time for approval of proposals by the KSG Office of Financial Services and the Academic Dean, proposals are due at RAO 3 full working days before the OSP deadline.

Please note the following new submission guidelines, effective January 1, 2007:

(1) for all submissions to a federal sponsor, the complete and final proposal, accompanied by the appropriate Dean's Approval Form and any other required attachments, must be submitted to RAO at least eight (8) full working days in advance of the sponsor's due date; and

(2) for all submissions to a non-federal sponsor, the same materials must be submitted to RAO no later than six (6) full working days in advance of the sponsor's due date.

These deadlines assume that RAO has been working with the PI and/or staff on the proposal in advance. This includes review of the budget; obtaining approval, if necessary, from the Faculty Committee on Projects and Proposals (FCOPP); overhead shortfall waiver requests; and use of human subjects approval. RAO will also work with OSP to begin the University-level review as early as possible, prior to OSP receiving the final proposal.

In order for RAO to review proposals in the most efficient manner, please follow these guidelines:

  • Contact the RAO as soon as you are aware that you will be submitting a proposal.
  • Send RAO a link to the URL for the relevant program/program solicitation to which you will be applying, if applicable.
  • Email proposal materials to RAO prior to delivery of hard copies, including the full narrative and detailed Excel budget (the detailed budget can be for internal use only, if necessary), and budget justification.
  • For all non-federal proposals where the sponsor does not indicate a firm, fixed deadline, the RAO will consult with the PI and staff and will together determine the most realistic "effective" deadline. Once agreed, that date will then become the firm deadline for all intents and purposes, and the review and approval calendar will work backwards from that date according to the schedule above. We can no longer accept "ASAP" as a valid response to the question on the Dean's Approval form that asks for the date the proposal is due to the sponsor. This procedure will also apply in cases where the PI has already submitted a preliminary or draft proposal to the sponsor.

To download the Proposal Submission Guidelines, please click on the following link.

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