Social Capital Community Benchmark Survey
Community Highlights For Boulder County, Colorado

Sponsored by: 
Boulder County Civic Forum (a program of the Community Foundation Serving Boulder County)

Media Contact:
Bruce Swinehart, Coordinator, Boulder County Civic Forum
The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County
1123 Spruce Street
Boulder CO 80302
Phone: (303) 415-1388
Web address:;

Sample size:

Survey Area:
Boulder County

Community Type:
Boulder County includes urban, suburban, and rural areas


Colorado State Demographer’s Office

White 95.1%
Black 1.0%
Asian 3.2%
Hispanic 8.3%
Other: Native American 0.6%

(note: percentages total more than 100% because Hispanics can be of any race)
US Census estimates for 1999

0-1  2%
2-12  14%
13-17  7%
18-44  45%
45-64  24%
65+  8%

Colorado State Demographer’s Office

Additional Information:
Boulder County’s high-tech-based economy is strong, driven in part by the presence of the University of Colorado.  The area has experienced 27% population growth over the past decade.