Social Capital Community Benchmark Survey
Community Highlights
For East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana

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Media Contact
Kelli Stevens
Phone: 225/756-9708
Address: 17613 Crossing Blvd., Baton Rouge, LA 70810
Email address:

Sample size

Survey Area
East Baton Rouge Parish

Community Description
Urban and suburban

393,294 (as of 7/1/99)

Census estimate 7/1/99

White: 63%
Black: 35%
Asian: 1%
Hispanic: 1%
Other: 0%

1990 Census

*note: this number does not include 18 year olds

18-34: 43%
35-49: 28%
50-64: 16%
65+: 13%

1990 Census

Additional Information:

We chose to use East Baton Rouge Parish as our survey area so we could combine the results with other survey data for a more complete picture.