Social Capital Community Benchmark Survey
Community Highlights for Kalamazoo County, Michigan

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Kalamazoo Community Foundation
151 S. Rose St., Ste. 332
Kalamazoo, MI, 49007

Media Contact
Gloria Z. Royal

Sample size

Survey Area
Kalamazoo County

Community Description
The Kalamazoo County survey includes urban, suburban and rural areas. We have focused our reporting on the Central City - "urban" area - and Kalamazoo County - which includes suburban and rural areas.

229,867 according to the 1999 Census estimate.

White 85.7%
Black 9.6%
Asian 2.0%
Hispanic 2.3%
Other .4% (Native American)
1999 Census estimate

20-34 48.3%
35-49 32.3%
50-64 11.8%
65+ 7.5%
1999 Census estimate

Additional Information:
We chose to survey Kalamazoo County to provide the broadest picture possible of social capital in our community.