Science and Democracy Network Sixth Annual Meeting 2007

The Sixth Annual Meeting of the SDN took place at the University of Cambridge, on June 27-29, 2007, and was jointly sponsored by the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities (CRASSH) at Cambridge.


The 2007 SDN Meeting Report is now available on the Reports page.


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Below is an HTML version of the program. For a printable version (PDF), click here.

DAY 1:Wednesday, June 27
9:45Citizenship: Theorizing Scientific and Political Community (Chair: Sheila Jasanoff)
 • Mark Brown (CSU Sacramento)
   Three Ways to Politicize Bioethics
 • Steve Bernardin (Harvard, KSG) and Brice Laurent (Ecole des Mines)
   Competing Scientific Citizens and their Evaluation
 • Kevin Burchell (LSE)
   Scientific Experts and New Forms of Citizen Participation
11:45Coffee break
12Discussion of EC Report Taking European Knowledge Society Seriously (Brian Wynne, Ulrike Felt, Sheila Jasanoff, Pierre-Benoit Joly)
13Lunch at CRASSH
14:15Citizenship: Participation and Partnerships (Chair: Ron Doubleday)
 • Regula Burri (ETH Zurinch)
   Assessing Nanorisks: Stakeholder Participation in Emerging Technologies
 • Ariane Koenig (James Martin Institute, Oxford)
   Challenges to public engagement in science-based firms: A case study of Monsanto's introduction of gm crops in the global food chain
 • Les Levidow (Open University)
   Participatory TA of Agbiotech in Europe: Performing Publics, Contesting Lay/Expert Boundaries
 • David Winickoff (Berkeley)
   Partnership in UK Biobank: A Third Way For Genomic Property?
16:15Coffee break
16:30Discourses and Disputes (Chair: Rob Hagendijk)
 • Saul Halfon (Virginia Tech)
   DU Lifeworlds
 • Philip Loring (Harvard)
   Dr. Seuss and the Chomskyan Revolution
 • Pru Hobson-West (Nottingham)
   Imagining the Non-human: Animals in Science and Society
 • Scott Vrecko (LSE)
   Postsocial Control and the Law: On the Deployment of Brain Technoscience by US Courts
18:30 Adjourn for the day
19:30 Supper reception at Gillian Beer House, Clare Hall
DAY 2:Thursday, June 28
9:30Science and Identity in Global Contexts (Chair: Shobita Parthasarathy)
 • Jay Aronson (Carnegie Mellon)
   Technologies of Truth: The Production of Knowledge in South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission
 • Sang-Hyun Kim (Harvard, KSG)
   Some Thoughts on the Historical Roots of South Korea's Contemporary Sociotechnical Visions
 • Sujatha Raman (Nottingham)
   Science, Citizenship and Justice in the Global Multitude
11:30Lunch Roundtable: Global Knowledges and Democratic Agency
 • Leaders: Daniel Barben and Clark Miller (ASU, CSPO)
13:30Break (celebration of books by network members)
14:30Knowledge in Corporate and State Governance (Chair: David Guston)
 • Peter Weingart and Justus Lentsch (Bielefeld)
   Scientific Advice to Policymaking — Relation between Organizational Form and Function
 • Catherine Will (Cambridge, UK)
   Extrapolation and Expertise: The Problem of Medical Value among the 'Old Old'
 • Claire Waterton (Lancaster)
   Proteé — the Great Pretender — a Technology for Science and Democracy?
 • Pierre-Benoit Joly (INRA, France)
   Shifting ontologies of the gene and the patenting of DNA: How did the gene become a chemical molecule?
16:30Coffee break
17SDN Business Meeting
18:30Adjourn for the day
DAY 3:Friday, June 29
9:30Toward "Thicker" Science (Chair: Clark A. Miller)
 • Rebecca Ellis (Lancaster)
   Barcoding Life: Forgetful Science for the Biodiversity Commons
 • Matthias Gross (UFZ, Leipzig)
   Ignorance and Experiment: Dealing with Unknowns in the Context of Ecological Restoration and Landscape Design
 • Willem Halffman (Amsterdam)
   Avocational Science: "Amateurs" and the Naturalist Tradition
11:30Coffee break
12Discussion — wrap-up (Chair: Sheila Jasanoff)

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