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Although interviews are not used in the admissions process, Pamela Metz, administrative director, may be available to discuss the program in greater detail by telephone or in person during the academic year with prospective applicants.

Note: Harvard University is not in session during the summer. Summer hours are limited.

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PhD Programs in Social Policy
Harvard Kennedy School
79 JFK Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
Telephone: (617) 496-0109
E-mail: social_policy@harvard.edu

Pamela Metz
Taubman Building, 402B

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Contacting faculty

Prospective Ph.D. applicants should be aware that interviews are not part of the admissions process, and prospective students are not expected to contact potential mentors at the application stage. E-mail @ symbolIndeed, faculty members who sit on the admissions committees often maintain a policy of not corresponding or meeting in advance with prospective applicants in order to ensure the fairness of the admissions review.

While other faculty members may try to respond to inquiries, prospective applicants should keep in mind that the volume of emails received, combined with faculty members' teaching and advising responsibilities to current students, generally limits the feasibility of individual responses. Once admissions decisions are made, all admitted applicants are invited for a campus visit, which provides extensive opportunities for prospective students to meet with faculty and graduate students in their areas of interest.


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