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Social Policy Ph.D. faculty

:: Core Faculty
Doctoral students work primarily with Core Faculty members drawn from the Government and Sociology departments in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) and with the Social Policy faculty of the Harvard Kennedy School.

Social Policy PhD students regularly work with other faculty members in their home department as well, even if not formally affiliated with the Social Policy program. Applicants will also want to view the faculty pages in their intended field:

:: Harvard Department of Government Faculty
:: Harvard Department of Sociology Faculty

:: Affiliated Faculty
While affiliated faculty from other departments hold no formal advising roles in the program, they may offer courses of interest to Social Policy students and serve occasionally on Social Policy dissertation committees.


Social Policy PhD Chair

Alexandra Killewald
Professor of Sociology


Danielle Allen
Daniel Carpenter
Ryan D. Enos
Claudine Gay
Peter A. Hall
Jennifer Hochschild
Torben Iversen
Paul E. Peterson
Jon C. Rogowski
Theda Skocpol


Jason Beckfield
Lawrence Bobo
Bart Bonikowski
Mary C. Brinton
Christina Ciocca Eller
Frank Dobbin
Alexandra Killewald
Michèle Lamont
Joscha Legewie
Ellis Monk
Orlando Patterson
Robert J. Sampson
Mario Luis Small
Mary C. Waters
Christopher Winship

Social Policy

Desmond Ang
Michela Carlana
Amitabh Chandra
David J. Deming
Will S. Dobbie
David T. Ellwood
Archon Fung
Alexander Keyssar
Jennifer S. Lerner
Jeffrey B. Liebman
Jane J. Mansbridge
Quinton Mayne
Khalil Gibran Muhammad
Dani Rodrik
Todd Rogers
Benjamin Schneer
Maya Sen
Mark Shepard
Julie Boatright Wilson
Leah Wright Rigueur

View faculty profiles
To learn more about the Social Policy faculty, their research interests, and links to their homepages, visit the Harvard Inequality & Social Policy:
Faculty profiles



Xavier Gabaix
Edward L. Glaeser
Claudia Goldin
Nathaniel Hendren
Lawrence F. Katz
David Laibson
Amanda Pallais
Stefanie Stantcheva


Graduate Sch. of Education

Roberto G. Gonzales
Thomas J. Kane
Jal Mehta
Martin West

Harvard Law School

Christine A. Desan
Crystal S. Yang


Pamela L. Metz







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