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For Ph.D. students in Social Policy

Journals in the Kennedy School of Government library.



GSAS Information for entering G-1s (fall 2014). A collection of resources for entering students, including the GSAS Opening Days schedule. The GSAS Orientation for all new students will be Wed, August 27, 2014. More information, updated for fall 2014, will be posted on this GSAS webpage as soon as it becomes available.

Receiving the degree (updated, 5/2014). All degree-completion information for Social Policy students has now been consolidated to this webpage. Includes important Social Policy-specific information concerning defense scheduling and dissertation formatting issues.

Stay current with the GSAS News page. A well-organized overview of key announcements and events.

Fellowship listings. A comprehensive list of relevant fellowships for Social Policy Ph.D. students, all organized by category and date. Includes predissertation, dissertation, summer and small grants, international, and postdoctoral fellowships. Recently updated for AY 2013-2014.








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