The Federal Vision : Legitimacy and Levels of Governance in the US and the European Union
by Kalypso Nicolaidis and Robert Howse (Editors)

"With more than twenty authors, and clarifying contributions by the co-editors, this volume is an indispensable element in the current great European debate about the European Unionís future. It offers different conceptions, both of the present system of European governance, and of what federalism entails. Thus it is both theoretical and empirical. The co-editorsí emphasis on process and legitimacy and the comparisons with American federalism are particularly illuminating"
--Stanley Hoffmann, Paul and Catherine Buttenwieser University Professor, Harvard University.

This book is part of the Kennedy School's project on Visions of Governance in the XXIst century. It co-sponsored by Notre Europe, Paris, presided by Jacques Delors.





Oxford University Press, September 2001