Environmental Protection and the Social Responsibility of Firms: Perspectives from Law, Economics, and Business.
Johns Hopkins University Press, 2005.

Robert N. Stavins, Albert Pratt Professor of Business and Government, John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Bruce L. Hay, Professor of Law, Harvard Law School.

Richard H. K. Vietor, Senator John Heinz Professor of  Environmental Management, Harvard Business School.

"Obviously firms should obey the law. But beyond what the law requires, do firms have social responsibilities to commit additional resources to environmental protection -- to sacrifice profits in the social interest? May they, given their fiduciary responsibilities to shareholders? Can they on a sustainable basis, given the forces of a competitive marketplace? Should they, that is, will such behavior be socially efficient? And do they, in fact, already behave this way?
This book provides the first comprehensive examination of all four questions, by bringing together the perspectives of law, economics, and business" -- from the Publisher.

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